UX Writing Events

North America

UX Content Design NYC

A 1,400+ member Meetup.com community for folks in NYC interested in content design and UX writing. Membership is free and most programming is available for a nominal registration fee. 


CoDes (Brighton, England)

UK meetup + Slack community that gets together at least 3 times a year with talks and workshops focused on putting content at the heart of design.

Stockholm UX writing and content design

Per the Meetup page of this primarily English-language community in Sweden:

We meet every few months in Stockholm to learn and share methods, creativity and wisdom, from introductory workshops to advanced techniques. We welcome writers of any level, and yes, we’re looking for contributors. Consider this your call to action.

UX Writers BCN

Spanish-language UX writing meetup based in Barcelona with virtual and in-person events. 

UX Writers Paris

French-language UX writing meetup based in Paris with virtual and in-person events.

Online Communities

Content + UX Slack Team

A large community of content strategists, UX designers, content designers, and UX writers. Features dedicated channels for #writinghelp and #microcopy. Per the request form:

Content + UX is a community of professionals celebrating content strategy, content itself, and its role in the user experience. We'd love for you to join us.

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  • Have held 3 or more events (not brand new)
  • Organized in the public interest (not to boost up a specific product or brand)
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